Heather Monthie

Heather Monthie

Certificated Flight Instructor, Remote Pilot, Drone YouTuber, Podcaster, and Blogger

Peoria, AZ, USA

FAA-Certified in their Country?



*** I couldn't find the examples on the website, so if this is too long or too short, please let me know and I can adjust!*** Heather Monthie, PhD, CFI has over 20 years experience as a leader in STEM education. She has been a manned aircraft pilot since 1997 and a flight instructor since 2002. She has also recently immersed herself in the unmanned aircraft world, became a certificated remote pilot, and has a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel dedicated to Learning with Drones. Passionate about helping others learn more about the intersection of aviation and technology, Heather has dedicated her career towards getting more young people interested in the STEM fields.




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