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  • Ruby Noel

11-Year Old Girl Saved by Drone

Even if you are only as technically advanced as being able to toast something without burning it, everyone loves a heart-wrenching story. This story in particular places the spotlight on an unlikely hero.

Earlier this month in a heavily wooded area of Moore County, North Carolina, an 11-year-old girl by the name of Kaniya Chambers ventured off mindlessly into the woods seeking adventure but found herself lost beyond belief.

When Moore County deputies reached the scene, they spent almost an hour searching and combing over the woods with no luck in locating the little girl. Thankfully, the Moore County Sheriff’s office had started a drone program within the last year, in which a member of the squad had one.

The deputies called in the help of lieutenant Tim Davis and his drone with heat sensing capabilities. Within a mere fifteen minutes, the little girl was located and brought to safety with her family. Despite the eyes of several people in the search party, Chambers was hidden under leaves, but that certainly did not stop Davis’s drone from spotting her.

Since the incident, the Moore County Sherriff’s Department has added six additional drones to their emergency team for use in similar situations that occur in the future.

Photo Credit: David Kovalenko

Seriously, how cool is this?! Drones are absolutely amazing and virtually unstoppable machines in the beginning of 2018 alone have had many other labels added to their already awesome capabilities. From saving lives, showing off fashion, to creating eye-boggling displays in the night sky, the droning world should be one that excites even the guy that just burnt his toast while reading this.

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