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  • Ruby Noel

Drones Take the Night Skies at Coachella 2018

The creative geniuses at Intel were at it again with another eye-catching drone show that lit up that skies at one of the most renowned musical festivals in the world, Coachella! Held in Indio, California, thousands of people gather together to engulf themselves in a variety of electronic dance, indie, and rock music as well as beautiful art sculptures and installations. With several stages hosting live music, there is a lot for the eyes to see.

Photo Credit: Elena Buenrostro

The music at Coachella may be popping, but Intel once again broke the barriers of creativity with a unique light show performed by Shoot Star Mini Drones. While the company did not go near as big as the Super Bowl or the Olympic Winter games, they did something even better, which was go live!

They put thousands in awe with a surprise drone performance during the Odesza’s act, which blew everyone in the audience away. The show features 420 of the infamous shooting star drones, creating the Odesza’s geometric logo.

Photo Credit: Drone DJ

With creatively designed software that is programmed and automated by Intel, the Shooting Star Mini Drone may be light-weight, but powerful in performance. The software simply informs each drone where to fly to create images. The software is advanced enough to choose specific drones that have more battery life and is lead with quality GPS reception. Light shows that used to take weeks and months to build are now being created in just a matter of days.

One of the biggest draw dropping facts about these light shows to me is that it only takes one brave soul to pilot the entire light show. With the small LED lights packed into each mini drone, the software can perform a total of 4 billion different color combinations, which leaves endless room for creativity and awe-like performance.

Which amazing event will another one of the light shows take place? It’s hard to say, but 2018 is the doorway to bigger, better, easier creativity thanks to those working hard in the droning world!

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