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  • Elizabeth Lassithiotakis

Pilot Spotlight: Interview with Elizabeth Lassithiotakis

Women Who Drone has the pleasure of interacting with so many female pilots around the world. Today we showcase Elizabeth Lassithiotakis, a 27 year old female drone pilot in Australia. Check out her beautiful images below and read on for her experience learning to operate and use her drone for photography.


Bondi Icebergs

While I am still very new to droning I found that it’s much easier than I previously thought. It's a very smart aircraft. I remember my very first flight and how extremely nervous I was. Terrified of crashing, I ventured to the local park to ensure a safe flying area. All height and distance settings were set very close so I didn't lose it. Slowly but surely I have been pushing myself to venture further and further away. I’m now feeling much more confident in my flight abilities.

Bondi Beach Sunrise

Mona Vale

Dad always says "you learn something new everyday" and I truly believe there is still so much more to learn about my Mavic Pro. I wish I knew more about tilting the gimble. I honestly think it wasn't until about two weeks ago I learnt that you could actually tilt the gimble and it would make capturing that perfect shot even easier. Elevation aside, I love that flying a drone will always be a learning experience.

Maroubra Beach

I’m lucky to live in Sydney, Australia where we have such a beautiful coastline. I’m at the beach at least four times a week with my drone, just waiting for good light, like a surfer waiting for the perfect swell. My alarm goes off at 5.30 most mornings to catch the very first light of the day. Flying at sunrise is amazing - you can capture the most beautiful lighting conditions. Bondi is usually my first stop, followed by a beautiful stroll down to Coogee coastal walk which includes some of Sydney’s most stunning beaches (Bronte, Tamarama and Clovelly).

Bondi Icbergs


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