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Building Confidence in Drone Flying: Tips and Resources for Women Pilots

Women's image from a bird's eye view | Credits- Elena
Women's image from a bird's eye view | Credits- Elena


Confidence plays a pivotal role in any field, and drone flying is no exception. For women pilots, building confidence can be particularly empowering, as it helps break gender stereotypes and fosters inclusivity in the drone industry. When a female drone pilot exudes confidence, she sets an example for others, encouraging more women to pursue their interest in flying drones.

Confidence in drone piloting also translates into safer flights. A confident pilot is more likely to remain calm under challenging circumstances, make informed decisions, and handle potential emergencies more effectively. This not only protects the drone and its payload but also ensures the safety of people and property on the ground.

Drone technology has rapidly evolved over the years, transforming various industries and opening up new possibilities. With drones becoming more accessible and affordable, an increasing number of people are taking to the skies as licensed drone pilots. While the drone industry has historically been male-dominated, recent statistics from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have shown a positive trend. Nearly 8% of licensed drone pilots are now female, indicating a growing interest and participation of women in this exciting field.

Confidence is an essential factor when it comes to piloting a drone. It empowers drone pilots to fly safely, explore new aerial perspectives, and use drones in various professional applications. However, many women may face unique challenges in building their confidence as drone pilots. In this article, we will explore the importance of confidence in drone flying, provide tips specifically tailored for women pilots, and highlight valuable resources to support their journey in the drone world.

Tips for Women Pilots

  1. Education and Training: The foundation of confidence in drone flying lies in education and proper training. Enroll in reputable drone courses and workshops that provide hands-on experience. These programs will give you the necessary knowledge of drone regulations, flight procedures, and safety protocols, instilling confidence in your piloting abilities.

  2. Practice Regularly: The old saying "practice makes perfect" rings true in drone piloting. Dedicate time to regular flying sessions, honing your skills and improving your confidence with each flight. As you become more comfortable operating the drone, your confidence will naturally grow.

  3. Start with Simulators: If you're apprehensive about flying a physical drone initially, consider using drone simulators. These virtual training tools allow you to practice flying in a risk-free environment, building muscle memory and confidence before taking to the skies with an actual drone.

  4. Join Women Drone Pilot Communities: Connect with other women drone pilots through online forums, social media groups, and local meetups. Engaging with a supportive community of like-minded individuals can boost your confidence, provide valuable insights, and create lasting friendships.

  5. Set Achievable Goals: Set realistic and achievable goals for your drone piloting journey. Celebrate every milestone you achieve, no matter how small, as each accomplishment adds to your confidence.

  6. Embrace Challenges: Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. Don't shy away from trying new flight maneuvers or capturing challenging shots. Embracing challenges will help you overcome fears and build resilience.

  7. Stay Updated with Regulations: Knowledge of current drone regulations is crucial for confident and responsible flying. Stay informed about any changes in local and national drone laws, ensuring that you operate your drone legally and safely.

Resources for Women Pilots

  1. Girls Who Drone: "Girls Who Drone" is a well-known platform that empowers women and girls in the drone industry. Founded by Elena Buenrostro, this community offers various resources, including online courses, tutorials, interviews with women drone pilots, and networking opportunities.

  2. Women Who Drone: Women Who Drone is an empowering community that supports women in drone flying. Their website offers inspiring stories, tutorials, and opportunities to join their ambassador program.

  3. FAA Safety Team (FAAST): The FAAST website provides safety resources and educational materials for drone pilots, regardless of gender. Staying up-to-date with FAA safety guidelines can boost your confidence and keep you informed about any potential risks.

Throughout our previous articles, we have explored various aspects of drone piloting, including safety measures, best practices, and the inspiring stories of women who have excelled in the drone industry. Building on this knowledge, we continue to support and encourage women drone pilots to pursue their passion confidently and fearlessly.

The latest FAA Airmen Statistics have revealed an encouraging trend in the drone industry. In 2022, the number of licensed female drone pilots reached nearly 8% of the total, representing a significant increase from previous years. This rise in female drone pilots is a testament to the increasing inclusivity of the drone community and the growing recognition of women's capabilities in this field.

The story of Girls Who Drone highlights the impact of dedicated efforts to empower women in the drone industry. Founded by Elena Buenrostro, this platform has inspired countless women to pursue their interest in drone flying. By providing valuable resources, training, and networking opportunities, Girls Who Drone has helped women overcome barriers and find success in the skies.


Confidence is a crucial element for women drone pilots, empowering them to explore new possibilities, break gender barriers, and contribute significantly to the drone industry. By embracing education, training, and a supportive community, women pilots can build their confidence and excel in their drone piloting journey. Furthermore, with the availability of various resources and platforms dedicated to empowering women in the drone industry, the future looks bright for women who aspire to take to the skies with confidence and determination. Let's continue to celebrate the achievements of women drone pilots and encourage more women to embrace this exciting and innovative field.


Akshata is a writer based in Bengaluru, India. She is known for her deep passion for drones and her ability to overcome challenges in this rapidly-evolving industry. She has spent countless hours researching and experimenting with various drone models, honing her skills as a pilot and innovator. She continues to inspire others with her passion for innovation and her commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with drone technology.

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