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How to Utilize Drones in Any Field with Women Who Drone
(The Lensrentals Podcast)

The Lensrentals Podcast (January 2021)

Talking with Elena Buenrostro, founder of Women Who Drone (UAV-FM)

UAV-Fm (December 2019)

Women Who Drone Founder Elena Buenrostro - Drone Podcast 74

The Drone Trainer (May 2019)



How a Powerhouse Entrepreneur is Diversifying the Future of Tech

Gizmodo (July 2019)

This online community expands visibility for female drone pilots

The Verge (October 2018)

AV News: Women Who Drone

AirVuz (October 2018)

This company takes female drone operation into new heights.

Fast Company (August 2018)

Women Who Drone Feature: Why Aerial Photography Is No Longer a Boy’s Club

Aerobo (July 2018)

Women Teaching Women to Fly Drones

Drone Life (May 2018)

In A White, Male Tech World, These Latinas Are Kicking Ass And Creating Space For Other Women Of Color

Fierce Mitu (May 2018)

The Woman Who Drones: Insights from Aerial Content Creator Elena Buenrostro

818 Agency (January 2018)

Fostering New Pathways for Women to Enter the Drone Industry: An Interview with Elena Buenrostro, CEO of Women Who Drone

UAV Coach (January 2018)

Flights of fancy vacation photography, courtesy of drones

The Washington Post (October 2017)