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Will the DJI X7 Kill the Heavy Lifting Market?

It has been announced! DJI will release its X7 camera comprised of 24 megapixels, super 35mm and it will come with three interchangeable lenses. The question is- will this impact or even kill heavy lift drone orders? For those of you not familiar with heavy lift drone usage. Well, imagine you can get those amazing aerial shots with a DSLR, Arri Cinema camera, or any other cinema-style camera without worrying about the weight in the sky. Heavy Lift drones take care of this. From a business perspective, it is cheaper because you don't have to buy a gimble since the gimble is already integrated into the camera. However, from a production perspective, those loyal to their specified camera may prefer to continue with heavy lifting even if the cost is significantly more. Now that we know the new A7 exists, will there be a decline in heavy lift drone usage? What do you think? This article will be updated as we continue to learn more about the release of the X7.

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