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A Bird's Eye View: Using Drones To Change Your Creative Perspective

Photo Credit: Elena Buenrostro, Big Sur, CA 2017

Photo By Elena Buenrostro. 2017. Big Sur, CA.

Have you ever found yourself in total awe of the world from the window on a plane? Have you ever gotten the chance to see the world from an entirely new point of view, whether it be on a roller coaster, hang gliding, or after the tiring trek to the top of a mountain? If you have been blessed with this type of opportunity, you know all too well that seeing the world from above is a metamorphic experience. Things we see in the everyday world become something totally different to the naked eye. Fields become slashes of brilliant color, circus tents look like a tiny box of goodies, and lifeless trees become eerie spider webs.

Photo By Merr Watson. 2017. City Beach, Western Australia.

With the creation and use of drone technology, we as human beings have managed to take the need to brainstorm how to get high into the sky away to showcase tiny copters that are more than revolutionary. While the birth of amazing digital technologies has allowed us to see and capture Mother Nature in all her glory, it’s no secret that the age of digital images is becoming more and more saturated by the day. We can now capture detailed photos and videos with mobile devices, which with all of the creative minds in the world, leaves us with very little room to really stand out amongst the crowd.

This is where the perks of owning a drone really comes in handy. Unless you just happen to be traveling on a plane high in the sky, you are very unlikely to have the opportunity to get high enough to capture the aperture of entire landscapes at various angles than just from where you stand. With drones, however, pilots are not only able to vividly capture factual representations of landscapes, but they are able to create abstract art from their shots as well.

Photo By Nikita J Shah. 2017. Quincy Quarries Reservation.

With the unlimited creative opportunities a drone offers, artists can make gorgeous images from above. They can make people really tune into an image, making them see the world in a newfound way. Drones have given talented content creators the chance to experience viewing Mother Nature in a whole new way, resulting in the discovery of beautiful patterns and colors in nature that can be utilized to create grand artistic pieces.

There is also a plethora of companies out there searching for various ways to help their business stand out. What could help one stand out more than a piece of art utilized in a commercial-like way that attracts the attention and imaginations of potential customers? Drones are even being considered as another method of delivering products and services to people as well! How cool would that be?

The main reasons marketing teams are considering drone technologies now more than ever is because:

  • You must be willing to change the line of sight that the majority of audiences have of the world. Drones allow us to see from a bird’s eye view. You can simply hover over venues to catch crowds or fly over well-known landscapes to trudge up different opinions.

  • Marketers are often only limited by their creativity. Drones have the ability to expand this creative boundary.

  • Cost of entering businesses is becoming less expensive each year. With advances in drone technology comes the ability for varieties of different people to afford them and use them to capture how they see or wish to view the world.

It has been scientifically proven that people look at aerial shots longer than those shot from ground view. Most times, it is hard to guess what objects actually are until they take more than just a few moments to gaze at an aerial photo.

Drones are opening up new adventures and inspiring people to view and capture the world like never before. Picture by picture, video by video, we are now capable of doing Mother Nature justice by changing how we capture the world from above. Drones are by no means a fad, and the technology of being able to fly cameras high into the sky is here to stay. Ultimately, you cannot put a price on perspective.

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