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Creativity From Above at the 2018 Drone Film Festival

Photo Courtesy of Xizmomedia

As the last couple decades have faded into oblivion, the entire world has been drastically changed by how media is envisioned, filmed, created, stored, and enjoyed. For those like me that were born in the early 90’s, I believe we have gotten to witness first-hand the tides of positive media evolution from the way we watch television, engage with the internet, bring our imaginations to life, and beyond. Just 25 years ago the internet was being born; who knew that less than 30 years later, the way we see the entire world could be as jaw-dropped as it is today!

I don’t know anyone that dislikes the cool angles that help us to envision places we may never step foot on differently. Every media platform is or has utilized drones to capture scenes at unreachable heights. From being engulfed into the ridges and crevices of our planet to seize moments in time, getting up close and personal to dangerous creatures and inclement weather, and even capturing video from various points-of-view in sporting and other live events, the creation and evolution of the droning world has given the human race the capability to do unimaginable things within media.

So, where can one experience the absolute best droning films of 2017? The Drone Film Festival hosted in New York City, of course! This year’s film festival is to be bigger than ever. The fourth annual Drone Film Festival will be held on March 3rd and 4th, 2018. While this type of festival may seem mediocre to those who don’t drone, it has grown wildly popular over the last three years. For the 2017 year, there were over 4,000 videos submitted to be considered! The years before less than 1,000 videos were submitted for review.

2018 Drone Film Festival Schedule

If you wish to engage in this must-see festival, here is a play-by-play of this year’s festival events:

Saturday, March 3rd – BMCC Tribecca Performing Arts Center

1 P.M. – 6:30 P.M.: Drone panels led by droning professionals

7:30 P.M. – 10:30 P.M.: NYC Drone Film Festival screening and award show

Sunday, March 4th – The Liberty Science Center

Sunday is known as “The Day of Drones” at the film fest. There will be featured classes, presentations, seminars, and lectures from those in the drone industry. There have been some pretty awesome talks in the past years. While the actual scheduled is being finalized, you can see some of the things to take place below:

Micro drone racing and freestyle FPV competition

Screenings of the winning drone films from the night before

Storytelling, production, and post-production courses

Aerial cinematography seminars and other master classes

Drone expo and flight cage

If you are interested in attending the fourth annual NYC Drone Film Festival March 3rd and 4th, then buy your tickets here! If you are just planning to attend Saturday evening, you can use the promo code NYCDFF 15 to get tickets for just $15. If you are considering attending the festival in its entirety, then you can use the promo code FESTPASS60 to get your all weekend pass for $60 instead of paying $75.

Head to the official UAV Coach website 2018 Film Festival page for more information and to view their favorite 2017 festival videos!

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