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Drones in the Fashionista World

2018 has certainly been an eventful year already and no, I am not referring to the Tide Pod epidemic among the teenage population. In the droning world, there is not only amazing advances being made, but the use of these intricately awesome machines is being expanded by even the craziest of realms!

I thought I had seen it all when it came to drones. From the stellar photo opportunities they capture to helping us ground-bound humans view our planet from bird-eye perspectives, drones are nothing to laugh about. These tiny yet magnificent machines have managed to make heart-throbbing firework-like displays this year at the 2018 Winter Games and they are being seen in slightly odd events in other countries as well.

The 2018 Milan Fashion week would not be a place you think drones would be present, right? I thought so too, but they were more of the stars than the Dolce and Gabbana autumn and winter collections that made their debut on the runway.

Photo credit: The Verge

While actual models took the stage for the blouse and dress portions of the runway show, drones magically made their way up and down the catwalk, showing off the newest handbags in all their glory. Talk about a 360 degree view!

Each drone even managed to fit the occasion by being decorated with a shiny gemstone on the top. There is footage of people in lab coats on the sidelines as they monitored their pride and joy showing off 2018’s latest handbag fashions.

It was fascinating to watch the live footage of each drone taking it’s time down the catwalk to allow spectators to really view the colors and details of each handbag. So, this bears the question of what other occasions will drones be making an appearance in during 2018? Literally, the world of drones is becoming limitless!

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