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Drones to Give ‘Convenience’ a New Definition

If you have dreamt about your online Amazon packages being delivered directly to your door from the wings of a drone or can visualize yourself being picked up in a droning Uber taxi, then you can pinch yourself! Tech giants are wanting to light up with skies with aircraft that will be able to ferry packages as well as take people from place to place in a flash!

As of now, this idea that is in the creation stage is known as unmanned aircraft systems, or UASs. There has to be a complex, delicate system in place that controls droning crafts to not crash into buildings and other obstacles. NASA is in the process of creating a UAS traffic management network with other organizations that plans to finish as early as next year so they can begin the testing phase.

Uber is one of the biggest companies that is riding heavily on the success of this traffic management system and has already made announcements promoting the ‘uberAIR taxi service. The biggest question that remains in the air is if this system will be able to manage the volume of giant self-flying aircrafts that will be delivering a broad variety of items from pizzas to passengers.

Uber unveiled the design specifications at its Elevate conference for the electric aircraft that will serve as UberAIR's workhorses. Credit: Courtesy of Uber

NASA has actually been working on the details of this type of traffic management system since 2015, identifying the procedures and new technologies that can allow drones to navigate safely and up to altitudes of 120 meters. Even in 2018, automated UAS traffic control has a lot more work to be done before it can be utilized for everyday life.

Even when this technologically advanced system of traffic is fully tested, it will stay a few years for it to be implemented in such a way where it can accommodate the demand that is expected with this drone delivery service.

As for other companies such as Amazon, this sort of technology is a highly welcomed development in the teens of the 2000’s. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon introduced this idea back in 2013 on 60 Minutes, which tells us that this idea has more than a daydream for longer than 5 years.

As you can imagine, other taxi companies are rivaling in Uber’s ambitious ideas and are helping to work on this creative idea so that in just a decade, people all over the world will be able to travel lightning fast and get their much-needed and wanted online purchases in just the knick of time.

Just the idea that people will not just be riding or receiving items from drones but possibly owning them helps to fulfill the image of flying cars, Despite the wait of more than a decade, it could be in our lifetime that we can stick this image of stylish convenience to the Jetson’s. It’s more than being thought about, automated aircrafts and drones performing these duties are now being heavily researched, which means in due time, the world of convenience will drastically change into something from a Sci-Fi movie!

Written By: Ruby Noel

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