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  • Erin Dunne

Three Ways Drones Are Helping Humanity

When you think of drones you might think of aerial photography or maybe daydream about amazon delivery - but did you know drones are being used around the world to solve global humanitarian problems?

The world is massive and there are still remote areas that don’t have access to medical care. Imagine having to travel three hours just to get medicine or a vaccine.

UPS and Gavi (the vaccine alliance) have partnered to create drones that are able to deliver urgent medical supplies in Rwanda.

Humans can’t stop climate change from happening, but what if we could reduce the effects of climate change on livelihood and food security?

A company named WeRobtics is using drones in Fiji for aerial mapping in the hopes it could reduce the risk of climate change on the small island nation. Learn more about their work using drones for good.

In some of the poorest, remote areas of the world the need for new and innovative solutions is high. Poor infrastructure and weather conditions make transportation difficult.

UNICEF recently launched the first African-based drone corridor in Malawi to test the use of drones for humanitarian purposes. It’s is open to universites, innovators and NGOs, to test innovative drone technology to help save lives.

Have an idea you want to test? Learn more here.

Like many new innovations, drones are being used to help solve problems we have long been trying to solve as a planet. The opportunities are endless if we continue to think big, innovative, and allow empathy to drive the way we build technology.


Erin is a marketing, public affairs and social impact strategist. With over nine years of experience developing winning strategies and campaigns, Erin is also the co-founder and executive producer of the Global People's Summit. In her free time Erin enjoys playing with her new spark drone and learning how to take some epic photography. You can follow her on Instagram @wilddrones.

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