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  • Bianca Gutierrez

BREAKING NEWS: DJI Mavic Pro 2 Leaked?

If you don’t already know, DJI was scheduled to have what seemed to be a release event in NYC on July 18th, 2018. However, this morning, we received an email that it was postponed for a later date. A few hours later, an image of what appears to be a NEW Mavic Pro started circulating on social media. After further observation of the image, this could very well be the announcement DJI was supposed to release on July 18th.

After examining the leaked image, it appears that there is a much larger camera attached that resembles the size of the Phantom Pro 4. By the size of it, this could mean that the new Mavic Pro might have a 1 inch sensor, which would improve the overall photo and video quality over the original Mavic Pro. The propellers look like they may have been redesigned, which could mean that they might be quieter, but at the very least, they have folding propellers just like the original.

Could this be what DJI was going to announce on July 18th? Why do you think they postponed the event? And who on earth is going to go down for leaking this photo? What do you think?

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