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The Bigger Picture Unveiled: DJI Mavic 2

After a month long delay, DJI finally unveiled the bigger picture we have all been waiting for. With two new designs, incredible new features, cameras and longer flight times, the DJI MAVIC 2 is now on sale everywhere.

Elena Garcia, WWD's Social Media Intern holding the new Mavic Zoom

Photo by Elena Garcia

Improvements on the Mavic Pro implemented into the Mavic 2 include enhancing the Obstacle avoidance feature, Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS), which helps the drone fly around obstacles versus only avoiding collisions. They also added lights to the bottom of the drone to assist with landing in low lit environments and the Active track feature is better than ever with its use of three on board front facing cameras to create a 3D map of its subject, predicting paths up to 3 seconds in the future.

Image of Mavic 2 Zoom

Now, if that doesn't get you, some other features we're extremely excited about is that the new Mavic 2 flies longer, faster and quieter with the battery life now capped to 31 minutes versus the 28 minutes the Mavic Pro had. DJI even enhanced the Advanced Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC's), giving the pilot more control and precision over her drone.

Additionally, DJI added a feature called Dolly Zoom, which zooms in on an object while the drone flies in the opposite direction as well as a number of Hyperlapse shots which I've included below directly from their website:

  • Free – pilots the drone manually while shooting a Hyperlapse video.

  • Circle – automatically flies the drone in a circular pattern around a subject you select to create a timelapse video that captures the action.

  • Course Lock – keeps the camera fixed on shooting subject while the drone flies in a straight direction to create a unique perspective.

  • Waypoint – plans a complex flight path based on both altitude and GPS coordinates to capture complex shots.

Photo by Elena Garcia

These two exciting drones prices are not that bad with the Mavic 2 running at $1,449 and the 2 Zoom at $1,249, respectively. DJI also announced the DJI Fly More Kit, which includes two batteries, a multi-battery charging hub, extra propellers and a bag for a total of $319. The best part is there is no waiting game like there usually is when an announcement like this happens, you can purchase the Mavic 2 and Zoom today!

We will have our hands on this drone shortly, so we're excited to write up our review to showcase to you soon! Until then, happy flying and stay tuned!

Elena Buenrostro, Women Who Drone Founder

Elena Buenrostro is the Founder and CEO of Women Who Drone as well as a Video Producer, Photographer, Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot and Instructor. As featured in The Washington Post, Fast Company and on DJI for her aerial photography and cinematography, Elena's passion for flying drones stemmed from her trip to the Great Wall of China. From there, her curiosity turned into a hobby and now a passion and career. Currently, Elena offers drone lessons via Airbnb Experiences in San Francisco, CA and Brooklyn, NY. Elena graduated with a B.A. in Media Studies & Theatre from the University of California, San Diego. See her work on Instagram, @elenabuenrostro.

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