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  • Camilla Dellión

Pilot Spotlight: Interview with WWD Ambassador Camilla Dellión

Tell us about yourself! What made you move from Sweden to the Maldives?

I’m Camilla, from Stockholm, Sweden. I have a background in communication and events. A couple of years ago I started traveling the world and I realized pretty quick that I wasn’t made for the regular 8-5 work day. I started looking for a job that I could do from anywhere in the world. Photography has always been a big part of my life, from early years inspired by my father who was a photographer. So, it was obvious to me that my new plan had to include photography in some way and that I had to do something out of my passion for it.

I came to the Maldives in the beginning of January this year and it felt like coming home. I loved everything about it - the people who live there, the ocean and all the wildlife in it and of course the paradise beauty of it. I decided from that moment that I had to stay.

What made you want to start flying a drone?

I have always loved being in the sky and fly, and I am so mesmerized by aerial views. After seeing the first drone pictures popping up on Instagram a couple of years ago I just knew that someday I would have to get a drone. And in January it happened. When I bought the drone, I was terrified to fly it, but it was terror mingled with delight. I fell in love with the views and the perspectives the drone gave me. Back then I didn’t ever imagine that I a couple of months later would do everything in my power to make it something to live off.

Tell us about some of the unique things you capture in the Maldives, landscape? Wildlife? What is that experience like?

In the beginning I was shooting those typical pics of the Maldives, 50 shades of turquoise ocean, white beach, swaying green palm trees and the lovely paradisy color palette that comes out of those combinations.

But then, I had my first animal drone experience with a couple of eagle rays. It was like we were creating a symphony together and it felt like they were dancing for me. After that experience I’m always out looking for the wildlife. A dream would be to fly my drone over blue whales or in Africa to capture the predators of the savanna.

Do you have any tips for where to fly safely and legally in the region?

Maldives is super liberal when it comes to drone flying. The only thing to have in mind is to keep a distance from the airports and have the common sense of respect to your fellow humans. And also, the ocean, if you are a beginner, don’t fly over the ocean (and definitely not from a boat)… get confident first, get to know your drone and don’t take any unnecessary risks. I know so many people who have lost their drones to the ocean.

Have you encountered many other women who fly drones?

Never - except the ones I have discovered through Women Who Drone. But I would really like to! Drones are bringing people together in such an amazing way, I’ve met so many new friends because of my drone and the excitement we share about flying them!

Have you had any experiences that have been tough as a female drone pilot?

Not a single one! Maybe only the fact that I wasn’t as familiar with the joystick like most men are haha. But seriously, everyone I meet in the drone community are so helpful and supporting. They are very cool with female drone pilots.

How do you see drones playing a role in your life moving forward?

Drones lit my inner fire. There is nothing more fulfilling in my life. I’m still a beginner and I take every opportunity I can to practice, but eventually I hope I can make a living out of my passion for drone photography and videography! My dream is to capture important stories to share with the world and to create promotional videos all over the world!


I'm Camilla Dellión, born and raised in Sweden and escaping my country since a couple of years back. I travel and fall in love with new places and people - and objects of my cameras of course! Photography and videography is my passion and I do not think there is anything more fulfilling in my world!

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