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Pilot Spotlight: Interview with WWD Ambassador Andrée Olumann

Video Credit: Andrée Olumann

Andrée is one of our Women Who Drone Ambassadors in France. She is a certified drone pilot who lives in Auriac-du-Périgord, the French countryside and has become enamored with the regional history. Andrée was randomly inspired to purchase a drone after learning that the Tour de France would be passing through her village. Before, she worked as a Contractor and has now made drone piloting a regular part of her work.

Currently, Andrée flies a DJI Mavic Pro and uses DJI VR Goggles. Her favorite things about the Mavic Pro are the quality of the images it takes and how easy it is to fly. She’s most proud of the images she’s taken of her local region because of its stunning landscape. Being in the drone industry has taught her that women should not be afraid of tech. Andrée wants women and girls to know that the drone industry is just beginning and we go beyond stereotypes. Check out Andrée's video to get to know a little about her.


A New Yorker by birth, I lived for a time in Spain and Portugal, in Nordic countries and in Africa. Seduced by the French art of living, I ended up laying my bags down in the heart of this beautiful region, surrounded by people I love. Passionate about photography, I have always loved immortalizing the world that I discover, with curiosity and sensitivity. So naturally I photograph and film today my new ecosystem, highlighting nature, men and women rich with authentic stories. I have my feet firmly on the ground, but I also like to take height by offering my photos and films made with a drone, to fly like a bird, closer to the subject with a wide angle and a new view.

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