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The Calm Before the Storm: Addressing the Rumors About DJI's New Drone

Image Credit: DJI Studio

There has been a lot of confusion about DJI’s STORM. Unlike the company’s previous drones, which were revealed with all but fireworks, rumors about STORM slowly trickled down and were not confirmed until the drone was presented to the Chinese market as a service. DJI Studio then released a video on STORM giving the public a better understanding of the drone and its specs.

Video Credit: STORM custom aerial platform

STORM is DJI’s most advanced, professional cinematography drone yet. It is an 8-rotor aircraft that can carry a payload of 40.8 lbs. That's 27.6 lbs more than the Maurice 600, a drone commonly used by cinematic professionals. STORM also has a top speed of 50 MPH and a flight time of 8-15 min, and depending on the speed and load size, it can perform well in temperatures ranging from -50°F to 104°F. By releasing a drone with such a large payload capacity, DJI Studio is providing its consumers with more freedom when choosing their equipment.

However, STORM as a product is not for sale. DJI Studio is presenting it as a cinematography service that comes with its own van and crew. In fact, it is believed that the lack of hype for this new product was because STORM will not be providing a mass market service. It was developed for a very niche market, a market that consists of professional filmmakers and media teams with very high budgets. Either way, it is definitely a big step towards becoming the missing link between the drone industry and pro cinematography.


Blanca Tavera is a University of Georgia grad with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Communication Studies. She’s an intern at Women Who Drone and is relatively new to the drone industry. Her main goal as an intern is to gain a holistic understanding of the industry and experience as a writer in order to provide beneficial and entertaining articles to the readers.

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