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Drone Racing Redefined: Introducing the DJI Digital FPV System

Video Credit: DJI Technology Co.

DJI made a name for itself in the drone industry by consistently producing camera drones that perform well for both amateur and commercial pilots. So far, DJI is only known as the go-to company for high-quality camera drones, but they are branching out to other sectors of the drone market. Drone racing’s popularity is gaining speed among the general public, especially with the advent of the professional Drone Racing League, the social media presence of racers, and the sport being recognized by big names like ESPN and NBC.

Previously, DJI attempted to break into this market with its DJI Goggles and DJI Goggles Racing Edition. Now, DJI is stepping back into the fray with their all-new Digital FPV System. The DJI Digital FPV System is a quartet of gear released at the end of July of this year. The system consists of the DJI FPV Air Unit Module, Camera, Goggles, and Remote Controller. Similar to their other works, DJI states that they made this System with hobbyists and professional pilots in mind.

Last month, this system’s release was foreshadowed by three FCC filings within the FCC ID Database. Initially shared by DroneDJ, these filings were made public several days before the official release. SZ DJI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has three applications dated for July 26th, 2019 listed on their FCC ID page. These applications are for an FPV remote controller, FPV goggles, and an FPV Air Unit. Image Credit: DJI Technology Co.

Now released, we can see that the DJI Digital FPV System is packed with innovation. It employs DJI’s new HDL FPV Transmission technology, which allows pilots to race with “a latency within 28 ms” and a “crystal clear view”. It's also equipped with eight frequency channels, meaning eight drones can be flown simultaneously with little threat of cross-interference.

Highlight Features for the goggles include 720p/120fps FPV HD Image, 720p/60fps recording, and a low-latency transmission. With Audience mode, other goggle wearers can see what the racer sees, and you can do instant replays if you record and save your videos on the microSD card. Image Credit: DJI Technology Co.

Amazingly, the Air Unit also features a low-latency transmission between it and the DJI FPV RC and has 1080p Aerial Recording. DJI attributes its performance to “a strong transmission system, embedded remote controller receiver, and multi-antenna technology”.

With its embedded remote controller receiver, the Digital FPV System reduces flight prep time by allowing users to connect their DJI FPV Air Unit to the DJI FPV Remote Controller wirelessly. Also, its two antennas, both being receivers and transmitters, offer broader signal coverage “for reliable image transmission”. Image Credit: DJI Technology Co.

The DJI FPV Remote Controller features Integrated Control, an Integrated System, and an Improved User Experience. The Controller reduces operational errors and increases stabilization by allowing users to remotely set parameters for the other devices in the system.

The control sticks are adjustable, and DJI claims the controller is easy to use. They also claim that the controller connects quickly to the Air Unit and Goggles. Between quick connections, reduced prep time, and low-latency, it’s clear that DJI had speed in mind when developing the technology for this system. Image Credit: DJI Technology Co.

Currently, the DJI Digital FPV System is on sale, starting from $819. On their store page, DJI is offering three options for purchasing this system, all currently discounted: DJI FPV Experience Combo ($819), DJI FPV Fly More Combo (Mode 1) ($929), and DJI FPV Fly More Combo (Mode 2), and ($929). All options come with free shipping and savings of over $60.


I am a writer and an artist based in Georgia. Specializing in illustration, graphic design, and video art, I love to explore the new ways technology intersects with art. I think drones have done amazing things for photography and video art, making what would previously be costly and difficult more accessible. As a complete novice, it was only recently that I saw what independent artists could do with their drones, and I continue to be impressed by the sights that drones are able to explore and the images they can capture. Instagram: @tyesha.ferron

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