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DJI’s new FPV drone will bring more women pilots into the racing scene

Why the DJI FPV is the perfect beginner’s drone to get you acquainted with the world of FPV flying

Clockwise from top: DJI FPV drone, remote controller V2, FPV goggles V2. Credit: DJI

Last month, DJI launched a new product that would introduce a lot of people to a different kind of flying: first-person view or FPV.

FPV means instead of looking at the drone as it flies in the sky, you wear a pair of goggles to see what the drone is seeing in real-time. This amazing sensory experience makes you feel like it’s you who is flying. And this style of flying is most commonly seen in the world of drone racing.

However, traditionally, if someone wanted to take the plunge into the world of FPV racing, they would need to learn how to build their own drone. Not anymore.

The all-new DJI FPV drone has just removed a huge barrier to entry to the world of FPV flying by letting you experience the absolute thrill of immersive drone flight right out of the box. The intuitive aerial platform with a 10 km video transmission range and a max speed of 140 kph has been designed in such a manner that even a total novice could take basic flights on Day 1.

Don’t fancy racing? Use the drone for freestyle FPV and capture dynamic, cinematic footage with its 4K/60fps 120 Mbps camera. DJI’s RockSteady stabilization technology will smooth out any shaky footage and eliminate the rolling shutter effect as you film fast-moving scenes. And that warped and unappealing fisheye look that is so common in FPV footage? Just select the ‘Distortion Correction’ feature in the camera menu and you’ll be set!

Flight Modes to Match Skill Levels

Since the DJI FPV drone is designed for everyone from beginners to professionals, there are three different flight modes available depending on the skill and experience of the pilot. In any case, there is a dedicated Emergency Brake and Hover feature is available in all flying modes to make the drone stop and hover in place at any time during the flight.

Normal (N) Mode: If you’re new to FPV, you can use this mode to get a flying experience similar to other DJI drones. The FPV drone will hover in place with the use of GPS and/or visual positioning systems (VPS) on the bottom. This mode also houses the maximum safety features including obstacle detection sensors on the front.

Manual (M) Mode: Designed for more experienced users, this is the mode where all sensors and hovering features are disabled and you take complete, limitless control. The drone goes from 0 to 100 kph in just 2 seconds!

Sport (S) Mode: This new hybrid mode offers some of the dynamic movement capabilities that come with M mode along with some of the key safety features of N mode. Sports mode is the middle step that has been developed to give pilots more room to explore their skills as they get accustomed to FPV flying.

If the signal is disconnected, DJI FPV will automatically enable fail-safe RTH. Credit: DJI

Several different viewing modes are also available, including a High-Quality Mode, a Low-Latency Mode, and an Audience Mode where you can share your perspective with up to eight additional goggle sets to allow onlookers to experience the flight.

Priced at $1,299, the standard FPV combo contains the drone itself, a dedicated remote controller, FPV Goggles V2, all required cables, and one battery. There’s an option to buy a slick new motion controller too for $199.


Ishveena Singh is a versatile journalist and writer with a passion for drones and location technologies. She has been named as one of the 50 Rising Stars of the geospatial industry for the year 2021.

In the last 13 years, Ishveena has worked with both mainstream media organizations (Miami Herald International, Times of India, Microsoft MSN) and dedicated geospatial technology media (Geospatial World, Geoawesomeness). With a deep understanding of content marketing and social media, Ishveena also helps private companies (DJI, Aerodyne Group, Terra Drone Corporation) to generate qualified leads through useful and timely content.

When she is not making magic at her desk, you are likely to find Ishveena on road trips, eating her way through life, or binge-watching TV shows. Connect with her today on LinkedIn and Twitter


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