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Get Ready for Drone Safety Week 2021

The FAA wants drone pilots to understand how to fly safely, and this week is one of their many ways to promote safe flying practices.

It’s that time of year again. National Drone Safety Awareness Week is back for its third year to remind us all to fly safely. From Monday, September 13th – Sunday, September 19th, get ready to see people from all corners of the drone community promoting drone safety and education.

The FAA aims to safely integrate drones into the National Airspace System, with safety being a core part of that commitment. To achieve this goal, the FAA wants drone pilots to understand how to fly safely, and this week is one of their many ways to promote safe flying practices.

National Drone Safety Awareness Week (often shortened to Drone Safety Week) is a weeklong campaign by the FAA that occurs every September. The FAA showcases safety stories, events, and educational resources during this campaign, drawing national attention to drone safety.

Drone Safety Week events are free and feature drone pilots, recreational flyers, and industry experts talking about their commitment to drone safety, important drone safety education information, new requirements, and best practices for the drone community. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Each day of Drone Safety Week is dedicated to an educational theme with a specific goal:


Safe Flyers Take The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST)

Learn about the safety information you need to know before you fly!


Register and Mark Your Drone

How do you get registered, and who needs to register?


Become a Part of a Flying Community

Learn about community-based organizations


New Rules – Remote Identification and Operations Over People

Learn about Remote ID and Operations Over People.


Public Safety & Public Acceptance

How can we spread the news about drones?

Saturday and Sunday

Share the Skies – Get Out and Fly

Let’s get out and fly!

Last year, the second iteration of National Drone Safety Awareness Week occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Drone Safety Week 2020 introduced Drone@Home Activities, which included different games and lessons for people to enjoy from the safety of their home. This year, the third annual Drone Safety Week will feature both virtual and in-person events.

To learn more about the week’s events, check out the Drone Safety Awareness Week calendar on the official website. Events hosted by different businesses and organizations in the drone industry. For example, this year, there are events hosted by the National Agricultural Aviation Association, AUVSI, Academy of Model Aeronautics, and Las Vegas DronePro’s.

You can also find events on social media by following @FAADroneZone on Twitter and Facebook and checking for posts promoting drone safety throughout the week or following the tags #DroneWeek and #FlySafe.


Tyesha Ferron is a writer and an artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Specializing in digital art, Tyesha loves exploring the new ways technology intersects with culture and how drones make things more efficient and accessible for artists, hobbyists, and industry professionals. As a novice drone enthusiast, she continues to be impressed by what the drone community and industry can accomplish.

Instagram: @tyesha.ferron

Twitter: @Tyesha_Ferron

LinkedIn: Tyesha Ferron


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